Can resin Chip or get damaged when I use?

 No, once the resin has been poured and properly cured, it remains on its wood surface. And it won't chip or come off the wood.


 Can I cut on it?

 Like any other cutting board after cutting excessively you may see knife groves on the board that’s why we suggest using your board's backside for cutting purposes and front for serving.


How difficult to maintain the board?

It's very easy to maintain these beautiful boards. All you need to know is hand wash only, and when you think wood it’s getting dry please apply mineral oil to your board.


Can I request a specific place and font for engraving?

 Yes, most definitely! We can engrave any message, or logo. Feel free to contact us at customersupport@daphnew.com


Can you ship directly to the recipient?


Please included noting with your order if you have any gift note that we can handwrite your message.


Are they really handmade?

Every one of our products is %100 handmade. Each product receives love and attention from us! Happy products and happy customers.


Where are they made?

We resource our walnut, maple, and cherry only in North America. And everything made in New Jersey.