The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before.

Neil Gaiman


Hello there!

Welcome to my tiny and giant world of art!

I’m thankful that you are taking time to read about me.

I was on this creative journey as long as I remember but never thought it can be my day job too.

Almost two years now, my work table is my place to breath!

It’s a surprising and satisfying journey working with acrylic and resin. And very unique to create something that you can’t create (same thing) again!

Little about me ;

I was born and raised in Turkey ( yes, the country one ).Living around the world for a while, last 12 years I live in New York & New Jersey.

I have 3 kids. They are adorable (when they are asleep)! And a beagle (don’t even start)!

Oh and a husband (he is the best when he is taking kids out for lunch and when he is vacuuming)!

I‘m thankful to you for reading these lines and maybe liking my work! That’s the best feeling!

I feel like I’m a celebrity 😋

Life is a long journey. And I’m so glad our paths are crossed in this journey! Nice to meeting with you!

Wish you all the love in the world,

Fi Liz